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Folk ensemble “Karagod” is a remarkable creative group. The vocalists of the group are professional musicians that value Russian traditional culture.

“Karagod” was organized at the department of folk singing art of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts in 1979. The organizer and permanent leader of the ensemble is Eugenia Zasimova, a specialist in the field of Russian vocal folk music, professor, academic of Moscow Academy of Informatization, honoured art worker of the Russian Federation.

In the history of musical art the word “Karagod” means folk dancing, a kind of an action where dances, games and songs are united together. Mass public merry-making traditionally happened during different celebrations in the south of Russia from spring to early autumn.

The ensemble often goes on tours around Europe, America, South-East Asia, etc. They also participate in cultural programs in the frame of governmental events.

Those concerts took place in such countries as China, Equatorial Guinea, Syria and Lithuania.

The musicians are widely known to the Russian audience as the participants of folk festivals, concerts, TV and radio programs. Besides, a lot of feature films were sounded by “Karagod”. Among them there are “Leo Tolstoy”, “Peter’s youth”, “At the beginning of glorious matters” by Sergey Gerasimov and the movie called “Russia, the young” by Ilia Gurin. In 2008 the vocal group stared in a popular comedy film by Oleg Fomin “Election day”. The documentaries about “Karagod” have also been shot in Bulgaria, Belarus and Estonia.


                                                                           Possible directions of cooperation:


- corporative celebrations;

- public merry-making during the celebration of Christmas, Trinity, Ivan Cupala, Shrovetide;

- celebrating New Year, Victory Day, People’s Unity;

- concerts on the Day of hometown;

- family celebrations, jubilees;

- ethnic and jazz, rock festivals;

- musical accompaniment of conferences, exhibitions, presentations;

- interactive programs: folk games, dances, amusements, group singing of Russian traditional songs;

- holding wedding ceremonies in original Russian style, where all the guests can take part.


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